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AgilTec - Intelligent Solutions.

We are a software boutique development shop, specialized on niched areas as: Health, Real Estate, Tourism and Retail. We create awesome web services and apps using the best practices and most useful and trendy techniques and tools. We are believers of BDD/DDD and best Old and New OOP Principles, Practices and Patterns. We apply that to your benefit crafting high quality products and providing outstanding consultantships. Main areas of application for AgilTec are: GIS, RESTful API, mobile apps, and more.

class BDD < TDD::TestDrivenDevelopment
  include DDD::UbiquitousLanguage
  include Agile::UserStories

  def meaning
    "implementing an application by describing its behavior
     from the perspective of its stakeholders"

  def principles
      enough_is_enough: "do as much planning, analysis, and design 
                         as you need, but no more",
      deliver_stakeholder_value: "everything you do should deliver 
                         value or increase your ability to do so",
      it_s_all_behavior: "at any level: code, application or beyond, 
                          the same thinking and linguistic constructs 
                          will be use to describe behavior at any granularity"

And the SOLID Principles.